Woolworths Personal Loan – How To Apply


Woolworths Personal Loan – We all have times when we have to cover unforeseen expenses. It could be unexpected car repairs, unforeseen medical expenses or just normal day to day living expenses. Whatever the expense is you can cover the expenses by applying for a Woolworths Personal Loan.

Once you loan is approved you will receive your cash within 48 hours.

The usual question people ask is why apply for a Woolworths Personal Loan? Well, Woolworths is a reputable company which has been operating in South Africa since 1931. Over the years they have only got better and better in dealing with customers. They have assisted many South Africans in times of financial need.

They offer up flexible repayment terms of up to 60 months on their loans. Their personal loans are revolving loans and allow you to re-use all the money that has been paid back towards the loan.

Included in the benefits of a Woolworths Personal Loan is the flexibility to settle early without penalties.

When you borrow money they already realise that you are not in a good financial position and because of this they charge low monthly service and initiation fees.

Interest will be charged according to the National Credit Act (NCA). It will never exceed the maximum allowed by the NCA. The interest rate charged is a variable interest rate. It is linked to the Repo Rate which may change from time to time.

You get the option of taking Balance Protection which will cover you for death, retrenchment and disability.

Requirements To Apply For Woolworths Personal Loan

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. Applicants must have a valid South African ID
  3. You must earn at least R2 000 per month
  4. Latest 3 months payslips or 3 months bank statements
  5. You must have a bank account in your name

Application for a personal loan can be done online in a process which is estimated to take 5 minutes. Alternatively you can also apply for a loan in-store.

Woolworths Personal Loan Contact Details

For more information you can visit their website www.woolworths.co.za or call them on 0861 50 20 10. You can also get in touch via email by sending your enquiry to queries@wfs.co.za.



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