Selfmed Medical Scheme


Selfmed Medical Scheme is a South African medical aid that offers reliable medical aid cover to South Africans of all ages and health levels. Selfmed cuts straight to the core and you can rest assured that your healthcare needs will be well taken care of. Since their inception in 1965 they have provided access to the highest quality health care to its members. As a member you can be also look forward to the excellent service that they offer and they are always prepared to give you advice when you need it. Selfmed Medical Scheme is designed to give you the cover you need when you need it most and they do so without breaking your bank.

Why Selfmed Medical Scheme

You have plenty of reasons to choose Selfmed Medical Scheme from the hundreds of medical schemes available in the market. Their priority is good health for all their members. They offer a simplistic range of products that meets the essential healthcare needs of their members. At Selfmed they take sincere interest in the wellbeing of their members. To them you are a name and not just a number and will provide personalised attention to you. Different individual will have different needs and this is why they have a wide range of options to choose from. The options include MedXXI, Selfsure, Selmed 80%, Med Elite and Selfnet.

Selfmed Medical Scheme maintains 114% reserves and remains a leader in prompt payment of claims. They offer security to their members by ensuring that they always maintain a solid financial standing. Knowing this gives you the peace of mind you need as you know you are part of a secure medical scheme. The loyalty of members is recognised by low annual increases and constant improvement of benefits.

Anyone is welcome to join Selfmed Medical Scheme provided they are able to pay the monthly premiums. You can also join Selfmed even if you have a pre-existing condition, however, you may be subject to a waiting period on all benefits. Each member’s profile is considered individually before waiting periods are applied, so it is better to speak to your medical scheme directly.

Selfmed Medical Scheme Contact Details

For more detailed information on their range of products you can visit their website or call them on 021 943 2300 / 021 943 2301. You can also send an email to


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