Old Mutual Funeral Cover


Old Mutual Funeral Cover – No one can ever predict the day when they will die. It is for this reason why it is a good idea to have funeral cover or a funeral policy. With the cost of living constantly on the increase it could cost as much as R30 000 for a funeral. With Old Mutual funeral cover you know that your funeral costs will be covered once you are gone. Your loved ones do not have to stress about costs of covering the funeral. They have a range of plans on offer and it all depends on your needs to determine which plan is more suitable for you.

Old Mutual Funeral Cover Plans

  1. Core Plan – Starts from R31 per month giving you maximum starting cover of up to R50 000.
  2. Standard Plan – Starts from R38 per month giving you maximum starting cover of up to R70 000.
  3. Comprehensive+ Plan – Starts from R39 per month giving you maximum starting cover of up to R70 000.

All plans give you immediate accidental death cover from the moment you apply. You also get a money back guarantee on all pans and this means you will get a benefit equal to the number of premiums already received if death occurs within 6 months (not accidental). The Standard Plan and Comprehensive + Plan have additional benefits of the grocery benefit an education benefit.

Why Old Mutual Funeral Cover

Old Mutual Funeral cover is good for you as it allows you to have a dignified funeral. The range of funeral plans offered by Old Mutual allows you to cover yourself, your spouse / partner, your children, your parents, parents-in-law and extended family members. The plans on offer are designed to take your needs into consideration. The more cover you take the less it will cost you. If you are not sure which plan to take one of their financial advisers will be happy to take a look at your needs and assist you.

Policyholders of Old Mutual funeral cover have access to More4U, which are value-adds in addition to the policy benefits at no additional cost. On all plans some of the benefits of More4U include help to manage your family’s health and wellbeing and help during times of distress such as trauma. It also provides educational support for your children and medical response for your loved ones in emergencies. With all these benefits coming at no additional cost it is worth it taking Old Mutual funeral cover.

Old mutual Funeral Cover Contact Details

To get funeral cover today or get more information you can request a call back from their website www.oldmutual.co.za or call them on 0860 60 7111. Alternatively you can visit any of their branches nationwide.


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