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Fundi is the new home of what was previously known as Eduloans. Fundi Capital provides student loans that will assist you getting the educational support you need.

Getting an education is important. The last thing you want is to worry about how you are going to pay for your tuition and get your textbooks. If you are faced with such worries this is where Fundi Student loans come in handy. At Fundi their purpose is to help others realise their purpose. So whether you are taking the loan for yourself or for your child, you can be assured that Fundi will make sure you realise your purpose which is getting that education.

Fundi’s focus is on providing funds for education making them the experts in the field. They are South Africa’s leading education finance and education fund management solution specialist. Through their Student loans they have assisted thousands of students since their inception in 1996.

Fundi pioneered South Africa’s first fund administration smart card solution now called our FUNDI card. Amongst some of their achievements they have administered over R 3 billion in bursary funds.

At Fundi they believe that the more you know the more you can become. They will walk with you throughout your life’s learning journey. Fundi Student loans will provide you with holistic solutions that go beyond finance and enable you to keep learning.

As a client you get to enjoy and benefit for affordable and accessible education funding solutions. To make sure you concentrate on your studies they will pay fees directly to the educational institution. This will benefit everyone as there is reduction of administration for both students, parents, sponsors and institutions.

Requirements To Apply For Fundi Student Loans

  1. You must be 18 years or older
  2. A copy of your South African ID
  3. Quotation for the educational institution
  4. The study program, student name and student number
  5. If you are not working you need to find a surety. This is someone who will take on the role of paying the loan on your behalf and this is usually your parent or guardian
  6. You must be permanently employed
  7. 3 Months bank statements of the person who will be paying the loan

Application for a student loan from Fundi can be done online. This gives you the convenience of being apply to apply from the comfort of your home of office.

Fundi Student Loans Contact Details

For more information on Fundi Student loans you can visit their website You can also get in touch with Fundi by calling 0860 55 55 44. You can also send an email to



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