Cobol Loans


Cobol Loans are the right choice for you if you are looking for simple stress free loans. You can apply for a personal loan of up to R3 000. The repayment terms are fixed over 6 months.

These loans are perfectly geared to cater for emergency costs, planned purchases and unexpected needs.

Cobol Finance is a registered credit provider. It operates within the guidelines of the National Credit Act. This means you can have peace of mind whilst dealing with them as they will have fair dealing with you.

Your needs are taken into consideration when you apply for Cobol loans. Approval of your application is dependent on your credit record and affordability.

Cobol Finance has various loan options. These include cash loans, short term loans, cash advance online loans, fast loans, flexible loans and instant cash loans.

Since inception in 2006 Cobol loans had assisted thousands of South Africans during times of financial needs.

Their loans are unsecured. This means no security is required in order to obtain a loan. In addition to this Cobol believes in transparency. You will not be charged any hidden fees.

Steps to Apply For Cobol Loans

  1. Check if You qualify – To qualify you need to be a South African citizen and you need to be permanently employed. You should also earn at least R3 000
  2. Apply – You need to complete the easy online application for and then afterwards you need to accept the provided quote
  3. Get Paid – Funds are deposited into your bank account.

The application process is easy to follow and done online. All information you provide is safe as they have top notch security.

Cobol Loans Contact Details

If you need more information or to apply for Cobol loans you can visit their website or phone on 021 421 8811. You can also email them at

NB: Visit Loan Calculator Page


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