Capitec Bank Loans


Capitec Bank Loans are long term loans offering up to R250 000. They are suitable for individuals who are looking for credit to address a long term financial obligations. You can use the loans for things like purchasing a new vehicle, home renovations or even paying for educational or medical expenses.

Their Global One facility allows you as an account holder to save, transact and borrow credit from one central facility and also enjoy benefits that come included. They money is deposited into your account almost immediately when your application is approved, and their approval turn-around times are within 5 working days.

Why take out Capitec Bank Loans?

Capitec Bank Loans allow borrowers to access credit of up to R250 000 which are tailored to meet their financial challenges. The loans are issued in accordance with the NCA regulations. Your credit profile and affordability will determine the amount you qualify for.

Capitec consultants are also available to assist you during the whole application process. They can be able to assist you with any enquiries you might have regarding their loan products.

Capitec Bank Loans can be used to consolidate your existing debts from multiple lenders and allow you to better manage your debts. Their repayment terms range from 1 to 84 months.

Repayments are fixed throughout the whole duration of the loan. This gives you the ability to better manage your budget as you will know exactly how much you will be paying every month.

For loans longer than 6 months they will come with a Credit Insurance Cover. This protects the borrower against unplanned eventualities such as retrenchment, disability to death.

Capitec Bank also offers Home Loans of up to R5 million or 90% of the value of the house on sale. This facility is provided in partnership with SA Home Loans. Their repayment terms go as much as 240 months. You can get an approval response within 5 working days of handing in your application. With home loans you can apply for them individually or jointly with your spouse and is available at selected KZN and Western Cape branches.

Capitec Bank Loans Requirements

To apply successfully and qualify for Capitec Bank Loans you will need to meet the following requirements.

  1. Older than 18 years
  2. A South African Identity Book
  3. Must provide your latest pay slip and bank statements
  4. You must have been employed permanently with the same company for more than 2 months
  5. Applicants must not be under administration or debt review.

Capitec Bank Loans Contact Details

You can apply for Capitec Bank Loans by sending an SMS to 30605 with your ID number. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Capitec branch and apply in-branch. Their website also has an application form where you can make your application from, just visit

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