Bruma Finance Loans


Bruma Finance Loans – since stepping on the financial provider market in 1997, Bruma Finance has been assisting thousands of low income earners in South Africa with short-term credit. Their goal has been to provide solutions that are tailored to alleviate those unexpected financial pressures.

Bruma’s professional service delivery ensures that loan applicants get to have their money accessible to them within 24 hours after being approved. They strive to make their application process as easy as possible.

Tell me more about Bruma Finance Loans

Bruma Finance provides personal loans ranging from R1 000 up to R18 000 with flexible repayment periods ranging from 6 to 18 months. Application for Bruma Finance Loans is fairly simple with and you are guaranteed of getting feedback on the same day.

Personal Loans from Bruma come with a Credit Life Insurance Cover. This protects you from future instances where you will no longer be able to repay the loan, due to thing unexpected things like retrenchment, death or disability.

Bruma Debt Consolidation Loans combines your multiple existing debts and pays them off. In return the client is liable for one loan from Bruma which they repay every month at a rate they can afford.

The application process for Bruma Finance Loans is very easy, convenient and secure. It can be done online by simply visiting their website and filling in your particular details and submit. Once you have lodged your application you will receive a call from Bruma’s consultants to verify your details and finalise the application process.

What are the requirements of Bruma Finance Loans?

For your Bruma Finance Loans application to be approved you will need to ensure that you meet some of their basic requirements which include:

  1. Must be in possession of your South African ID Book.
  2. Above the age of 18 years and employed with a permanent job.
  3. Must provide your current pay slip.
  4. Your latest 3 Months Bank Statements

Bruma Finance Loans Contact Details

Apply for Bruma Finance Loans by contacting their consultants on 0861 33 11 33 and speak to them, or you can get more detailed information by visiting their website

NB: Visit Loan Calculator Page


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