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Bayport Financial Services offer loans of up to R200 000. The repayment terms are flexible from 6 months to 72 months. Never get stranded when you are faced with a financial emergency. Whether you need extra cash for car repairs, home improvements, medical expenses or a vacation Bayport is here to help. Once your loan application has been approved what you use the cash for is up to you.

Why Apply For Bayport Financial Services Loans

Bayport Financial Services has been operating since 2004 and has gained valuable experience in the financial services sector. Over the years they have become one of the largest non-bank providers of unsecured credit in South Africa. Since their loans are unsecured it means you don’t have to provide collateral in order to get a loan.

At Bayport they believe in building lasting relationships with clients based on trust and an understanding of their overall expectations. This means you can be guaranteed that your needs and expectations will be taken into consideration when you apply for a loan.

Application for loans from Bayport Financial Services is done online which saves you on time usually spent visiting a branch. Online application also means you can apply for your loan from the comfort of your office or home.

Bayport is a responsible lender and will not approve a loan that you cannot afford. When you get a loan it is compulsory to take up a Credit life policy which will settle any outstanding amounts on your loan in the event of death, retrenchment or permanent disability.

Requirements To Apply For Bayport Financial Services Loans

  1. Your ID
  2. A valid cellphone number (important as this and your ID are used to authenticate you)
  3. Your most recent payslip
  4. 3 months bank statements stamped by the bank
  5. You must be employed by your current employer for at least 6 months

The loan application is all done online in an easy and simple process. You need to sign up for an account online, verify your account and you could get a loan offer in minutes.

Bayport Financial Services Loans Contact Details


Telephone:   Service Related Queries:      0861 550 555

New Product Applications:    0861 056 056

E-mail:         Service Related Queries:

Sales Application:        

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