African Bank Credit Cards


African Bank Credit Cards – if you are looking for a good credit card to have, you might be interested to know that African Bank Credit Cards were voted among the best 3 Credit Cards in SA, giving you plenty of reasons to consider getting one. With African Bank Credit Cards you are guaranteed a wider choice to choose from, from a African bank Silver Visa Credit card, African Bank blue Visa Credit Card and a African Bank Gold Visa Credit Card, specifically designed to suit each individual’s credit history and giving you that financial freedom.

Types of African Bank Credit Cards

African Bank Credit Cards come in the following options:

The Silver Visa Credit Card is one of African Bank Credit Cards that offers clients a wide range of benefits that consist of free transaction fees whenever they make a purchase, free notifications in the form of SMSs, first 4 ATM withdrawals are free with no fees attached, all cellphone Services are free including buying airtime, access to your account on your mobile device and you require no airtime when using the service. Other benefits for the Silver Visa Credit Card from African Bank Credit Cards services include shorter time period from application of the credit card and receiving it. There are security feature including a Pin number required for every transaction. For the first 60 days there is no interest added so you can enjoy all these benefits from (African Bank Credit Card’s) Silver Visa Credit Card.

The Blue Visa Credit Card offers a credit limit of R20 000 giving you that relief of carrying a large amount of cash. Again like the above mention, it is also a Visa Card meaning you can use it anywhere where they accept Visa. Upon application, you will be given the card immediately and free airtime purchases. There is no airtime required to use the cellphone services to buy with African Bank Credit Cards.

The Gold Visa Credit Card like the Silver Visa Credit Card has similar benefits to enjoy from. Benefits of these African Bank Credit Cards include all free purchases using the credit card, free notifications-SMSs services, for the first 4 withdrawals are free and free airtime purchases and access to your account and statements that you receive monthly to keep you on track of your credit profile.

African Bank Credit Cards Contact Details

African Bank Credit Cards do however set themselves apart from any other Credit Card provider in that they take into consideration situations of clients who are struggling with credit problems. Having understood client’s backgrounds the African Bank Credit Cards guarantee enough security in the form of pin requirement feature, convenient as clients no longer have to carry around cash around and most importantly relieving you from credit buy offering free fees services.

To qualify for African Bank Credit Cards you are required to have the minimum requirements that include a South African I.D, A 3 months bank statement reflecting salary deposit monthly, proof of residence and you should be at least above 18 years old. For more information visit the nearest African Bank branch and their friendly consultants will gladly assist you. Alternatively contact them on 0861 111 011 or through their website

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