About Us

What We Do

Loans Insurance ZA is a blog designed to be an online review of financial products in South Africa. Reviews found on the site will range from credit cards, loans, insurance funeral cover and medical aid. Readers seeking information on requirements to apply for financial products will benefit from the information we provide. In addition, Loans Insurance ZA will also provide you with the pro’s and cons of applying for financial products from different authorised Financial Services providers. The online Loan Calculator found on the site will assist those seeking financial products to calculate if they can qualify for the products.

Our Mission

Our Missions is to assist South Africans in making better and informed decisions when it comes to selecting financial products. loans, medical aid, funeral cover and insurance products. Whilst Loans Insurance ZA DOES NOT provide loans, we will assist readers by providing them with all the important information they need to know about different financial products. By reading our reviews we wish to help readers make informed decisions when selecting a financial product.

Our Vision

To provide online reviews that enriches the lives of our readers. We seek to make this a one-stop shop for reviews for financial products in South Africa.